A Rededication

Well as you can see the Dividend Portfolio (and site for that matter) has a new look. We have gone through some changes here at 2k, losing our swing manager to a great new opportunity and it made us think...what do we want this site to really be about? Do we really want to be another site that people follow just for some quick picks without learning anything? No.

We are about education, always will be, and we are about free information to help everyone produce more profitable results. This means that sometime you have to take a step back, look in the mirror, and evaluate what you can do going forward. This is why we currently have only one fund running. One that I am passionate about and want to continue to develop.

From this point on we will do our best to really educate about what matters: Developing passive income. Getting rich quick is a scheme. Investing is meant to be a long road filled with educated decisions about companies that you believe will be profitable. Companies that offer returns, often in dividends, that will build over time while you enjoy your life. The worst thing we can do is take a generation of people already glued to their phones and make the problem worse. Life is about living not watching others do it. This cannot be accomplished in front of your computer screens.

From this point on we are rededicating ourselves to our main goal:

Financial Freedom.