January Dividend Income Statement

We're in mid-February and I am just putting up my dividend income summary for the last month. If you remember I began tracking and depositing money into the 2k Dividend Fund in January 2017. Since then I have been consistently depositing money into the account and purchasing on the 15th and 30th each month (roughly).

Total Dividend Income:

This will be a pretty simple comparison since there wasn't much going for me in January of 2017. Either way let's go ahead and compare:

The January dividend income had an almost 400% growth as I added both money and companies to the list.

Paying Companies

January 2017

  1. 8point3 Energy Partners (CAFD) - $12.45

January 2018

  1. Medical Properties Trust (MPW) - $13.68
  2. 8point3 Energy Partners (CAFD) - $19.61
  3. Old Republic International (ORI) - $50.00

Adding to the fund January payments were MPW and ORI. I recently sold CAFD after the acquisition news, but did get a nice New Year's payment as a going away gift. CAFD had raised its dividend 16% last year since my initial purchase, and MPW had raised just over 4%. MPW just announced another 4% increase which will continue to raise my income going forward! ORI had a very nice $1 special dividend that was deposited into my account for January that really made my month great!


These are the types of posts that continue to make me excited about investing even with a rough start to the year in terms of total portfolio return. Passive income is always a goal for me and to see and increase like this is just unbelievable! I can't wait to see what January 2019 will look like!