Monday Musings - 12

Today's topic honestly has nothing to do, or at the most very little, with the stock market or investing. What I want to talk about today is the "American Dream". 

I believe that the American dream has become something that people expect to be handed to them. America is a country where the expectations are that we all must start as equals and have a chance to do anything we put our minds to. Guess what? It's not true. I'm not trying to burst any bubbles but if you think you can walk into (or be born into) any country and be on the same level as everyone else, you are truly delusional. 

Let me go ahead and get my background out there so the comment section will know later. I am a white male whose family was middle-class and I have worked a job of some type since age 15. Yes my parents helped me out with some things, but also made me work for every dollar that I was given.

Now let me tell you about the misconception of the American Dream. 

The American Dream is not Oprah, it's not Steve Jobs, or even Larry Ellison. The American Dream has been misconstrued as this opportunity that everyone has, yet we all know that opportunities for success (I mean large scale) are rare. Not everyone can become anything they want. Sounds bad but it is true.

Let's be honest, there are more people in America that work their entire lives for minimum wage than those that become millionaires. But guess what? That should be where the dream begins, not where it ends.

You see the real dream is not that you are going to be a massive success but instead that you can set up those after you to be successful. I look back at my family history and wonder why my family came to America in 1804 (yes I have their travel trunk and know the exact date, as well as their Ellis Island papers) but no matter the reason I am grateful they did. Had they stayed in Germany I do not know the life that I would have lived or if I even would have been around today.

What I am saying here is that although they may have not lived the America dream in the early 1800's, what they did was work hard, gain some land, and teach a work ethic that continued this trend on and on until I came into the family in the late-1980's. They, along with their children, grandchildren etc. made it possible for me to live the American Dream where I had opportunities that were not around for many people in the States. 

This is part of the reason that I invest. There are going to be family after I leave this earth and by doing my best to place my money in the right companies so I can set them up to have an even better life than I have right now.

Just like money compounds so should quality of life. Of course there may be some generational set backs, but if you continue to strive to give those that follow you a better life than you have the "American Dream" continues. 

Obviously this does not just pertain to the USA, because you can do this in any country. As long as you keep building your wealth and not only look at your retirement, but the legacy both (money and morals) that you leave behind, you will continue to give those after you a better and better life.


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