Monday Musings - 14

It has been just over 3 weeks since my last post, but let me tell you this:


Work has been absolutely nuts over the past few weeks and even though I tried to carve out time to write, it seems that every time I had a block, it was filled up immediately. Instead of churning out junk articles to create traffic I decided to just take a small hiatus and get back to it when I could.

Since my last post a lot of things have happened. First, the S&P 500 has dropped significantly (almost 8%) which has led to my watchlist growing ever so longer as buying opportunities have increased. The second thing that happened in that month is the REIT sector has seemingly bottomed out, at least for the short term. A sector that has really been hit hard during the past year when the S&P was cruising higher, now seems to have become stagnant (a win for it) as the S&P has dropped off. What does this mean? Honestly not too sure, just an observation that I am making since my last post.

Another big story since my last post on March 12th? How about Facebook (FB) losing 16% from its highs in early March due to the privacy issues that they are currently working through. This does look like quite an opportunity to finally jump in on a company that has been simply outstanding, but who knows what else could let loose from the Pandora's box of the investigation. I'm going to wait a bit on this one and see what all comes out of this one.

Retail has also been pulling back again over the last month and there are some potential quality adds out there for anyone's portfolio. Target (TGT) has come back to earth and Home Depot (HD) has finally stopped it astronomical flight towards new highs. Now I'm not saying that either of these are immediate buys, but I would suggest taking a look and analyzing them both.

It also is worth noting a few stocks that have gotten absolutely crushed and take a look at whether they are bottoming out, or instead are just knives waiting to be caught by unsuspecting investors. Three that I really would take a look at (and am) are CVS Pharmacy (CVS), General Electric (GE), and Procter & Gamble (PG). These all are on my radar for very different reasons, but believe me when I say I am watching.

I know that there were just a lot of randomness in this post, but that is what my Monday Musings are for and will continue to hold. Anyways, I'm back to stay now, and my posts should be on a normal schedule now

Thanks for reading, and as always, please leave any comments below.