our top 5 books recommendations

Intelligent Investor.jpg

The Intelligent investor - benjamin grahm

This is the must read of must reads when you are trying to dive deep into investing. That being said, if you are a casual investor that doesn’t want to deal with a ton of financial jargon, move on and come back later.


Invested - danielle town

Danielle’s father, Rich Town, is a well known investor that has written many very insightful books. That all being said, Danielle’s version of the method is so easy to read and comprehend that I recommend this to every single person I come across that is interested in investing but has no experience. The ease of which the knowledge will flow from the pages to your brain makes this worth every penny.


The dhando investor - mohnish pabrai

Insightful? Check. Useful? Check. Easy to Read? You got it! This book, laid out by one of the best in the business, shows a method of investing that is somewhat different than most. Pabrai offers a strategy that includes a lot of work (read research) but that yields returns. This is a top five read for sure.


The little book that still beats the market - joel greenblatt

As much research as Pabrai’s method takes, the exact opposite can be said about Greenblatt’s. He has created a system, that takes patience and lack of emotion, that has consistently beat the market. The system uses simple methods and he even has a website to make it as easy as possible. This is another must buy.


I will teach you to be rich - ramit sethi

While not exactly a pure “investing” book, this may be the best one on the list for anyone struggling with their finances. Ramit teaches easy ways to save money, automate it, and still live an amazing life free of financial guilt. Pick this up and I bet you will struggle to put it back down!