top 5 tools for small trading accounts


robinhood trading app

An absolute must if you are trading with a small account or just learning to trade. Yes there are limits of features and you may not always get the absolute best price available, but between no commission fees and the ease of mobile use  there isn't much better.

If you want to start with a small account and win, then get Robinhood.


A really nice site with a free stock screener and a homepage that lets you know stocks with unusual volume, that are overbought, oversold, and much more. One search of a ticker symbol and you will see how much information you obtain between news, chart drawings, company fundamentals and analyst recommendations.

Bottom line: A lot free information in one place.


Think or swim by tdameritrade

Another great free product that only requires registering an account with TDAmeritrade (no deposit required though). This platform allows you to search through fundamentals, run real-time scans, draw on charts and also paper trade.

An amazing tool for those learning to trade as well as advanced traders.


Stock charts has a great free charts option that allows you to make custom charts with almost any overlay or indicator that you can dream up. This is great for research as well as social media posts when trying to make a point.

Need a chart? Use the sharp charts option for full control and functionality.


A site with some great articles and an easy way to look at the fundamental breakdown of almost any stock on the market. With easy visuals and 15 year financial data it is easy to see why this is a great place to start to research when thinking about purchasing a stock.

Add to this the tracking of  "guru" buys and sells and it makes this a must when doing research.